It’s a long way from Yorkshire England

Welcome aboard Robert, his son Dean, and joining them our return guest Pat. Dean holds the distance record for distance from home to fish aboard the Thunder, 7,400 km.  To join his father Robert for an Ocean fishing trip was on the bucket list and we were happy to accommodate. Pat was joining the group having been with us on two other occasions and his freezer was looking a little bare at home. The weather played a factor again but did not slow down the fishing, the whales, or the fantastic eagle shows. With Roberts many years of commercial fishing on the coast how could be lose, and we didn’t. Good Spring fishing that produced a nice 25lb spring that Robert skillfully fought and slid into the net. The final day provided a chance to get out and halibut fish and the timing was perfect. A great trip and some great footage of the bald eagles are on there way to Yorkshire, safe trip Dean and thanks to all for toughing out the weather and never let it dampen your spirits!!