How many electrical engineers does it take to catch a Salmon?

Answer: 2 plus their father in law, Dan. Great for Dan to bring the boys for their first experience at ocean fishing. And yes we did catch some salmon, did we ever. The fish arrived in waves and Glenn, Dan and Nathaniel had their hands full as double headers from Coho, Springs and the occasional Pink salmon gave no one time to rest on the back deck. While the early stages showed some inexperience (read some fish got away) as the trip progressed the technique did as well and soon we were not practicing conservation as often. Matter of fact the boys were looking pretty sharp by day three. Halibut did not disappoint either and reinforcing the old adage that you can’t catch a fish without a hook in the water Glenn jigged up a beauty hali while on the hook for dinner. A terrific trip punctuated with Orcas, Eagles and Humpback Whales, all part of the landscape on our beautiful north coast waters. Looking forward to having the gang back next year and I know they will be studying the photos of Dans form before returning.