May 01, 2011

Sunny again as we slipped out of Nanaimo harbour and pointed the bow towards Comox. We always look forward to returning to the Comox Harbour for a visit with our friends and my son Mike and his gal Cassidy. A beautiful day on the Straights as we cruised by Parksville, into Baynes Sound and into the Comox Harbour. Tying up on the Commercial side we were met by Stowaway Bev, Ally and Leah from the Fern Road Yacht Club. Unfortunately Bev’s husband John had already left to fight fires in Alaska as a pilot for Con Air and we will have to see him in the fall. Mike my son and his partner Cassidy joined us later returning from their gold panning day on the Oyster River. A great visit with all. Great to visit, sad to leave, looking forward to returning, Life is Good.