May 05, 2011

On our way north!!! 05:30 am and we are off the dock in Campbell River. Trying to catch the ebb tide for its help down Johnstone Strait. Slack at Seymour Narrows, the home of the deadly Ripple Rock is at 0640 so timing is everything as tides can reach up to 12 knots in the Narrows. Not good for a boat that only does 8 knts. The tides rule your days as we plan our next few days to get their help through the narrow passages ahead. Good push all day and we made much better distance that anticipated. Trying something different this year we vowed to stop at a different anchorage every night over past years. Day one took us almost to the end of Johnstone St and into Farewell Harbour behind Hanson Island. Off in the skiff we fished the point and scored some nice rock cod for the next day’s lunch. Only one other sailboat in the anchorage we spent a quiet night. Always keeping one eye on the weather we looked ahead to our crossing of Cape Caution and the out day on the open Pacific. Looks like a weather window in a couple of days so we will position for that.