May 08, 2011

07:40 and we are away. High overcast, light winds and smooth seas greeted us as we set course up Fitz Hugh Sound. Taking it as we go no destination set for today, we will see where we end up. So calm we stopped just south

of Shearwater to do some fishing off the big boat. A few small cod that we released, we will have to wait for this evening. We decide to stop at Shearwater for a stretch and to see what is going on. Store is closed on Sunday and place is pretty deserted so we decide to press on. It can be a bit lumpy in Seaforth Channel but today proves to be the exception and we make the passage is calm waters. Into the narrow Reid Pass we elect to stop in Oliver Marine Park. Alone at anchor we watch the eagles teaching their young to fish and the sea lions chasing the herring in the bay. A fantastic sunset and another magic day fades to dark.