May 10, 2010, Mcneill to Port Alexander.

Leaving Stowaway Bev on the Dock to find her way back home to Courtenay we shoved off with the intention of crossing Queen Charlotte Strait and anchoring up in Skull Cove for the night. Forecast winds indicated that the North Westerly’s would not make this a good day to cross Cape Caution. We soon realised this was a good decision as we quickly encountered a stiff 20 to 25 knot North west wind and three to four footers on the nose. Plan B came into effect as it would have been a rough crossing to reach Skull Cove on the mainland side so we changed our destination to Port Alexander on Nigei Island just past Port Hardy. This kept the chop on the nose and we entered Goletas Channel and pushed up into the head of Port Alexander. A great anchorage for north winds we were still buffeted around on the hook however the sun shone and we used the time to catch up on some painting and other loose ends. One sailboat joined us for the evening and some brave young souls donned their suits and took a plunge, Brrrrrrr. Only something our kids would do. Tomorrows forecast was good so we anticipated crossing Queen Charlotte Sound about mid day