May 10th, 2011

Raining, cool and misty, we are clearly on the north coast. 0600 and we are underway for Baker Inlet. A long day but we are ahead of schedule and if we make Baker we can spend a day on the hook hanging out before our final push into Prince Rupert. Turns out to be an awesome day as we are greeted by our first Humpback whales welcoming us back. Entering Grenville Channel we get another treat as we encounter a pod of resident northern Killer Whales. They put on a great show, breaching and tail slapping as they feed and play with their young. Needing a break we anchor at Lowe Inlet for lunch and head out in the skiff for some more fishing. We hook some nice bottom fish but the real treat is the pod of Killer whales comes by us in the skiff following the tide. Always more spectacular to see them up close in a small boat, wow!! On our way we follow the whales and reach Baker Inlet at 1800. A long narrow entrance we sound the horn and ride the flood tide through the narrows and into the long sheltered inlet. Again new to us Baker is a popular spot for many boaters including day trips from Prince Rupert. We anchor at the head with three boats to keep us Company. To our surprise a local Prawn boat out of Prince Rupert and friend of ours arrives and offers us some fresh prawns for the evening. Too easy, what a treat. Tired and satisfied we again enjoy towering mountains and calm waters as we fall asleep just a short day from our home port.