May 21 and 22, 2011

Great to be back in Prince Rupert! Weather has been excellent and we have caught up inside and out on the boat. In fact we are so ready that we had to go fishing ourselves. Out at noon and off to the Moffat Islands in search of a halibut. Smooth seas and sunny skies. Of course the halibut Queen strikes first however she decides to let it go in search of a more worth candidate to start the season. No luck the first night after letting a few chickens go to get a little fatter for next year. We drop the prawn traps and set the hook in our favourite anchorage. A little jigging and we produce some food for our pet eagle. He does not dissapoint and provides some geat photo ops.
Up in the morning to pull the traps. Yahooo, prawns for dinner. Off to a new halibut spot, two nice keepers for the Captain and Deb,plus a few rockies and a nice red snapper. Great start, back to port and two more days until we are out with Dennis and Fran, Bob and Sue. Can’t wait!!