Monday May 03/2010

Northward Bound.

This morning we leftt Genoa Bay for Nanaimo Harbour. The sun was shining but the wind howled out of the south west givng us a blustery day as we made our way towards Nanaimo Harbour. We had great stay in Genoa Bay, visiting old friends, making some new ones and getting lots of work done on the Thunder. Lots of sanding, painting, varnishing and preseason maintainance was acomplished. A new toilet was installed in the front guest head. Many of our old guests will be sad to learn this one is so quiet that you won’t wake up the whole boat when you flush! Our thanks to Gord Nelson of Nelson Marine for his usual top notch work as our shipwright and his unrelenting abuse of the Captain on the Thunder 1. We arrived in Nanaimo Harbour at 15:30 and anchored out by NewCastle Island. Just settling on the hook when we were paid a visit by our friends Graeme Ellis and his wife Jane. Both are marine biologists and Graeme is one of the longtime experts on the west coast orca populations. Good to catch up and we promised to send our whale pictures to Graeme who can identify every fin on the coast, whish I could remember people as well as he can remember whales. We took our skiff to the Dinghy Dock Pub for a bite and a bit of the Hockey game and then it was off to bed, good weather forecast for our trip to Comox tomorrow.