North Bound for 2017

Out of refit and under sunny skies the Thunder 1 and crew headed for Seymour Narrows headed for our 13th season on the north coast. Catching the last of the ebb we navigated the narrows and set the hook in Kanish Bay for the night. We were treated to a spectacular sunset.

The next morning broke clear and once again we had smooth sailing and help from the tide as we set our sights on crossing Cape Caution two days down the road with a light wind forecast. The second evening saw us anchor in Tribune channel. Time for a little fishing, nothing like fresh cod for dinner.

Day three took us out into Queen Charlotte Straight and up to Allison Harbour. A chance to drop the crab pot and tie things down for the open water crossing.

Weather was good, light wind, 1.5 meters at west sea otter bouy, Egg island light calling light winds low west swell. Off we went, great crossing into Fitz Hugh sound ahead of schedule and time to do some exploring before meeting our first camp trip of the year south of Rupert.

For the next two days we explored Fish Egg Inlet. Wonderful inlet with a multitude of anchorages, and quiet bays. No company for the Thunder as we explored by dinghy and caught fish for the fry pan. Would love to spend more time there but time to move on.

Off to Hakai Pass where we caught up with a couple of friends traveling north in their boats. A sunny day on the beach, chance for a glass of wine and a wiener roast on the beach.

While our friends left ahead of us we departed for Shearwater. A chance to provision and top up supplies for our first guests. As we left we were passed by three adventerous types on sea doos off to Alaska with a pile of gas cans on the back doing 50 miles an hour. Who says you need a big boat to go to Alaska. Deb and I , happy to be doing 7.6 knots in a warm wheelhouse and a hot cup of coffee. Good luck to them.

A stop in scenic Green Inlet and once a gain a chance to do a little fishing, Deb provided the excitement as she hooked a 60 lb ling cod in the tail as it took a swipe at her hook. What a ride that was, yahooo. We eventually got it to the surface and released it, no need for that much ling. The 25 lber she caught 5 minutes later would provide lots for us.

7 days out we reached out rendezvous point for our camp crew in Bernard Harbour. A beautiful spot, well protected with whales and porpoises abounding in the area.

Our group arrived and went to work while Deb put on her usual fabulous meals that kept the crew very happy. A couple of days there and we moved up the Douglas Channel. More blue sky and fabulous scenery great way to start the year. 

14 days after leaving Campbell River we slid into Prince Rupert, time to catch up with our friends and get ready for the coming seasons fishermen and woman.