Ocean Falls to Khutz Inlet

Day six and seven did not disappoint as the rain subsided and the seas remained calm. Winding our way through the sheltered inlets and channels of our coast we feel truly privileged that we are not only the proud residents of this beautiful area but that we are so very lucky to be able to explore it in the warmth and comfort of our vessel the Thunder 1. A fairly long day of cruising saw us anchored in Bottleneck Inlet at the end of the day. Alone again on the hook just the loons to keep us company the evening was magically quiet.

Day 7 and we were off to Khutz inlet but first we had to stop for some beach combing and a little jigging. Well some jigging we did as Brenda hooked into a 60 lb halibut her first ever and what a fight. Gerald had to relieve on the rod and the fun really started when I gaffed it and slid the still feisty fish into the boat, Yahoooooooo!!  What a fight. Well apparently that was not enough for Brenda and after lunch she hooked into another monster. This one assisted by Deb and Gerald took all the line down to the last wind. Finally gaining the upper hand we got the fish to the surface and this one was definitely too big under the new regs. We released her back to the wild estimating her weight at about 100 lbs. Nice work crew, great fun to fight catch and release. Off to Khutz, a beautiful inlet with a fantastic waterfall and some more surprises as well!