Patterson Inlet to Newcomb Harbour

If some days are good, today was fabulous. Grey skies gave way to puffy whites and blue sky. We left at 10 am and tried for halibut out in front of our anchorage, no luck for hali’s, just a few more Rockies. With a push from the tide we slid peacefully from Principe Channel into Petrel Channel. Water turned to glass and the sun shone on the Thunder. Three days since we had seen a boat or a person, gotta like it! Into Newcomb Harbour, we jumped into the skiff to try the point for an evening fish. It is only fitting that the gal who works the hardest gets the first Tyee of the Season. As improbable as it seems, jigging for cod Deb hooked into a huge spring salmon. What a fight, pulling the skiff in circles, screaming line of the reel, all the while we hooted and laughed, if we could only catch a glimpse we would be happy. Up it came, a beautiful bright 31 lb tyee, and me with only a gaff. One whiff and my name would be mud after Deb did such a great job of fighting it to stand still. Luck would have it, one swing and it was in the boat. Yahoo!!! Tyee!!! Tomorrow on to Prince Rupert, but if life is good, today was great!!