Portland Canal

For the first time Thunder 1 Adventures offered a 6 day trip up the Portland Canal in search of an early season Chinook salmon run. KS9L0472 KS9L0884KS9L0626 KS9L0628 KS9L0702-1 KS9L0939 Joined by return guest and friend Pete, his brother inlaw Yves, and another returning guest Pat we cruised out of Prince Rupert on May 29th for our 12 hour trek up the Canal. The Portland Canal is the 80 mile deep inlet that divides BC from Alaska. It is a deep fiord surround by towering snow capped peaks and cascading waterfalls that make the back drop unforgettable. Sunny warm and calm weather made the day go by quickly and we arrived at Swamp point to rendezvous with friends who had set out before us. Having a local guide from Stuart never hurts your chances to find the fish and with Ed’s help we set the rods for the morning troll. Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but their were some big smiles aboard as the first three salmon of the year weighed in at 25, 27 and 31 lbs. All putting up excellent fights and well played by our anglers it was a fantastic start to the year. With prawns as big as beer cans, crabs that jumped in our hoops, black bears on the beach, and Dall’s porpoises that provided some outstanding entertainment it is hard to describe how breathtaking this part of the world is. The days flew by and with a quick stop in Chatham sound on the way home to score some halibut it was over all too soon. Thanks to Pete, Yves and Pat for joining us on this Adventure we were thrilled to share it with you. Next year we will once again offer one trip up the Canal, don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime adventure.