Sept 13th to 16th Finishing up in Style

Only fitting that we started our season with a group from Chris Page & Associates and then finished the season the same way. Joined on the Thunder were the Ladies of the Company, six of them to be exact, and yes with Deb that left the Captain in the Company of 7 lovely ladies for an entire trip. Now any pirate would be jealous of that!!! Billed as a Whale watching, cooking and fishing adventure don’t let the title fool you, these gals were serious about the fishing. There was definitely a competitive air on the fishing deck when it came to bragging rights in the office. Well Ladies you can hold your heads up high as you did the Thunder proud with a brace of beautiful northern Coho, some tipping the scales at 12 to 13 lbs. The action was punctuated with some high pitched shrieks however the team work was a thing of beauty as they worked together to clear the lines and land the fish. Way to go Ladies! The weather, the food, and the fishing were awesome, however the real stars of the trip were the Humpback whales. On a sunny evening in September, just at the mouth of Work channel the whales of our coast put on a show that will not be forgotten soon. I have to think that there was an element of showing off when the whales saw all the gals because they spun, rolled, splashed their tails and circled the boat, sometimes within meters for more than half an hour. Truly a spectacular sight. It was a perfect finish to a great season and we thank all the employees of Chris Page for joining us. To the ladies, Shar, Patti, Susan, Holly, Anna and Sally we thank you for entertaining us on our last adventure of the season. It may be quite a while before we get another team picture with all anglers in matching pajamas, replete with a white boa.

Turning our attention to our trip south it looks like sunny skies will continue to dominate our season and we will keep you posted as we make our way towards Campbell River.