Shoal Bay to Lagoon Cove

Beautiful morning as we slipped away from the dock at Shoal Bay at 5 am. Something about the early mornings on the coast that are really special. Tides were with us for the first two hours and we made good time as we aproached Green Point Rapids. We reached a blistering 11 knots and were joined by two yachts and a sailboat all making time and heading north. With clear skies and a good push we entered Johnstone Strait and slid by Port Neville towards Chatham Channel and our next stop at Lagoon Cove. Making good time we anchored in Boughey Bay to relax for a couple of hours and have some lunch. At 2 pm we slipped into the narrow Chatham Channel and watched all the prawn boats busy with their opening season sets. Rounding the corner into Lagoon Cove we were warmly met by owner and friend Bill and his Manager Pat. We last saw Bill and his wife Jean in Cabo San Lucas however Jean was out and we had to settle for a visit with Bill and some other boaters at the usual evening pot luck at the boat shed. With Lagoon Cove up for sale it will be surely missed if the new owners fail to continue Bill’s tradition of a warm and friendly stop. Let’s hope his legacy lives on if it sells. Tomorrow we head for Port McNeil to drop off our stowaway Bev. Too bad as she always provides us good company and is an enthusiastic deck hand.