So you think your tough.

We set off from Prince Rupert with our forestry crew for Work Channel. Not your typically image of big burly loggers these lumberjacks were all gals, five of them young, pretty and fit. With their task to plot and evaluate forest stands in the Work Channel area they would disappear into the bush headed straight up hill and return at the end of the day for a well deserved rest. I am not sure whether you have walked much in the steep, slippery, dense forests that line our west coast shores but it is no job for the weak of heart. Throw in some heavy rain, lots of deadfalls, rushing creeks, not to mention the odd bear and you have a job that would challenge the hardiest of us. We did our part to get them back to the boat each day and feed them a warm meal aboard the Thunder 1. After five days we definitely had a new respect for their job. Well done!! We were treated to an awesome whale show by the humpbacks as we left Work Channel and headed back to Prince Rupert for our next adventure, this one with the Coast Guard.