Some who have and some who haven’t

Joined by brothers Robert and Gregg, who have done lots of fishing, and Barry and his son Kevin, who have not we set off to make sure that everyone would return as those that have. A little rain again for this trip did not slow us down as the crew’s rain gear was well broken in. First night out got the skunk off the boat with a nice spring and a crew ready to grab those rods in the morning. Day two started with some great halibut fishing we were rewarded with a beauty 50 lb halibut. Kevin could now say he has caught a hali. A mix of spring salmon and some coho kept the guys on their toes and
 the ones that got away would have definitely filled out the dance card with all our springs. No matter everyone was happy with the catch went home with some beautiful wild salmon and halibut. Thanks Robert for being the driving force to bring this group together.