South Bound Day 14, Kimsquit to Fish Egg Inlet.

Our first night on the hook in the upper Dean Channel proved to be a long night. Although it looked well protected Carlson inlet with its towering peaks and narrow channel proved a windy and sleepless night for the Captain. The anchor held but it daylight was a welcome site so that we could get on our way. What a minefield the Dean and Bourke Channels proved to be. A week of heavey rain had washed tons of trees big and small into our path and the day was filled with lots of dodging, dekeing and sneaking around all the debris. A little hard on the eyes we managed to miss most of debris and pushed our way into Fitz Hugh Sound with our eye on Fish Egg inlet for the night. 1800 saw us drop the hook in the still waters of Fish Egg and the crew was happy to call it a day and enjoy a glass of wine before turning our thoughts to the next days crossing. A window was open but not for long so a quick listen to the weather in the morning would determine our course of action for the day.