After a great season it was time to point the bow south and head for our winter home on Vancouver Island. Always a beautiful trip we left Rupert on Sept 14th. for Comox. Accompanied by some beautiful fall weather we motored towards our first stop in Lowe Inlet. The trip south winds its way through the Great Bear Rain-forest and the protected inlets and Fjords of our spectacular coast. Although we have done the trip over 30 times we never cease to be amazed at how much we have not seen. Humpback whales, dolphins, bears, sea lions, and hundreds of different sea birds accompany our journey. Always time for a little fishing it seems we can catch our dinner at every stop. The highlight of this years passage was our sighting of the Spirit Bear while cruising down Princes Royal Reach. We were fortunate to be able to view this rare and awesome bear for over 30 minutes by ourselves while we floated just off shore. An unforgettable day!! With a good forecast we crossed the open water by Cape Caution and with the tides on our side we glided into Comox Harbour 8 days after our departure. Time to catch up with family, see the grand kids and get our land legs back. To all our guests who joined us this year, thank you. We hope we provided you with an awesome fishing adventure and that we can host you again in the near future.