Spring Haul Out

The Thunder 1 arrived in Maple Bay on April 19th for her annual haul out and inspection by Transport Canada. The crew at Cove Yachts did a great job as usual in making sure the Thunder 1 is ship shape for the coming Charter season. And what a season it is going to be. Bookings have been outstanding and currently only the September long weekend remains open for 2010. We will remain in Genoa Bay after our haul out in order to finish the normal sanding and painting that is part of the spring ritual in owning a wood boat. At this point our cruise north remains open but Deb and I are looking forward to the trip as it is always an awesome experience. We are booked coming south in September and we would like to thank Anne and Dwight for signing on to that cruise. Stay tuned to the blog as we will update our progress north starting aprox. May 7th as well as all our individual fishing charters as they happen.