The Clean up Crew

Welcome aboard first time guests Gerry, Bryan, Bruce, Randy and of course Ian. Owners of the Dry Cleaners in Slave Lake you will have to excuse the pun when I say that these guys took the fish to the cleaners. The fog that had enveloped us on the previous trips disappeared and in its place we had a few showers but calm seas and fantastic fishing. As the group honed their skills the fish tally rose and by the last day those Coho were no match for the Allarie clean up crew.

Halibut fishing was once again a three ring circus if you could find the right spot, and of course we found it for our guys. With all the rods bouncing at once  we kept the nice ones and released lots to grow a little for next year. Topped off with some great whale shows the fellas said it was one of the best fishing trips of their lives. Thanks guys we thought it was pretty awesome as well. Hope to see you back soon!!