The Elton, Dennis and Dave Trio

June 7 and away we go with our first excited crew aboard. New from our awesome response at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsman Show we looked forward to showing the fellas what Northern BC had to offer. Unlike many parts of the coast Rupert is blessed with a fishing season that spans 4 months. Chinook, Coho, Pinks and Chums, Halibut and Ground fish all starting late May and continuing on into late September and this season looks to be a great one. Day one started with some rain and a bit of wind however nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of our guests. With an improving forecast throughout the trip we knew we would end on a high note. It was a trip to remember. The sun came out the fish were biting and seas were calm, hard to beat. Each of our guests hooked and landed some nice Chinook, all around 20lbs and excellent fighters. Dave topped the board with a 23 lb spring on the last morning. Halibut fishing was great and Dennis led the gang with the most to the boat however it was Elton who hooked up the winner with minutes remaining on the last Day. A nice 30 lber while the Humback whales danced in the background, great work Elton. A pleasure to have aboard we look forward to seeing this group again and hopefully next season as Elton was already planning his next visit. Have a great summer guys and thanks for choosing Thunder 1 Adventures.