The Fish Dude

For the crew of the Thunder 1 it is a long season. It is wonderful towards the end of our year to be rejuvenated by the enthusiasm  of our guests. Thanks to Jeremy for provided that spark by bringing his family, Shelly, Cydney, Ethen and Caylem aka the Fish Dude. A chance for a family to vacation together before Cydney heads off to Ottawa for University (good luck ) and Ethen and Caylem head back to school. It was a great trip. A first for the younger spirits the Coho did not disappoint the only problem was the Humpback Whales were so distracting it was hard to watch the rod tips. Not a bad problem to have. All family members were full on for the fishing but our hat goes off to the youngest of the group Caylem who’s passion for fishing we have not seen equaled in our 13 years. From dawn to dusk it was hard to find him without a rod in his hand, Big fish little fish no problem long as he was fishing. Hard not to use his nickname Fish Dude for he earned it. For that infusion of energy Caylem we thank you! Heres hoping we will get to see all the family again in the future and use their enthusiasm to inspire the crew!