The Gals Rock

The Husbands decided it was time to bring the Gals and show them what fishing was like aboard the Thunder 1. Add great fishing with gourmet dining and I think the gals are hooked. First time out for Chantal on the Pacific northwest and she caught on quick. Fighting and landing more fish than the guys she looked better on the rod every fish and soon looked like a seasoned fisherwoman. Great weather again, with an awesome mix of Spring and Coho on the lines the trip went all to quickly. To finish it off Chantel hooked a 30 lb Hali on the salmon rod, wth flasher and Hoochy,

for a fitting end to four great days of angling on the North Coast. Thanks to Neil and Dave for bringing Irene and Chantal, looks like you better keep bringing them if your looking to fill the fish box. Remember Dave, tip up, face the fish and hang on.