There ought to be a law!

Well there was a law or lawyers and there was no legal wrangling just good fishing and good fun. Welcome back Doug and for bringing his colleagues Matt, Steve, Ken and Murray. Yes we had a little rain but the summer gathered steam and provided us with some awesome weather. A magical start as we encountered a super pod of Orcas on our way out. Spread out over 2 km we counted as many as 30 whales and their course took them right across the bow. Amazing!! A morning pull of prawns had our mouths watering for dinner and we set out for some salmon fishing. Wow, holy Coho, Fish On and On , hard fighting Coho, Springs and some sunny weather a great formula for a fishing trip.  A group with a sharp sense of humor

the laughter hung in the air throughout the day.  We hoped this group enjoyed their trip as much as we enjoyed them, thanks Doug, we are glad our daughters brought us together and we hope that we remain in contact for years to come.