Those gals can Fish!!!

Thanks to some pretty slick sales work by our daughter Kyla, we welcomed Julia her roommate at UVic, who convinced her dad, Doug, who convinced his sister Judy, who brought her husband Hewitt. Nice work Kyla. What a great group and what awesome fishing we had. Julia had never caught a fish, salmon or otherwise in her life, but we put a quick end to that. In fact by the end of the trip I’m not sure she could remember how many she caught. Much the same for all the group as the Prince Rupert fishing charter was electric and the halibut fishing was Chaos!! The outstanding weather continued in the Rupert area and while we did have some morning fog the afternoons always gave way to blue sky. Treated to one of the most awesome sunsets we have ever had we hope that they all enjoyed the trip as much as we did. And yes Doug, we will let Kyla come back on next years trip.