Tuwartz Bay to Patterson Inlet

Hot coffee and and a cool north coast morning, perfect. We left our secluded anchorage under grey skies but calm winds. If the north coast is quiet no words can describe the west side of Pitt Island in May. We cruised through Otter Pass and made our way to Buchan Bay for Lunch. Anchoring for lunch, Deb elected to let me explore in the rain. Taking the skiff through the narrows into the lagoon I explored what can only be described as land before time. A perfect kayak maze we will have to come back. Leaving Buchan Bay we made our way north to Patterson Inlet for the night. The mouth looked way to fishy to pass by so we anchored our front and took the skiff to see what we could catch. Every drop hooked a nice Rock Cod and in no time we had sore arms and a full tub. Pulling the hook we motored into the back of the inlet for the night. Life is Good.