Welcome aboard to the Canadian Coast Guard

October and we find ourselves still busy on the north coast. This time we welcomed aboard the Coast Guard as they hired out the Thunder 1 and Crew to help with some work while the rest of the fleet was busy with other tasks. Our crew of Geoff and Terry, Aids to Navigation Technicians from Victoria joined us in Prince Rupert for a busy 8 days of evaluating and inspecting aids to navigation in the Principe Channel and Douglas Channel areas.

During the week with the help of our deckhand Don the crew scrambled up rocks and slippery banks to make sure the current lights were working properly and to evaluate new sites where aids could be added to make our coast line safer. It was a busy week and we covered over 360 nm before returning to Prince Rupert. Great to have experienced mariners aboard and we were glad to have participated in the project. As a bonus we were invited by Captain Reid of the Coast Guard ship Bartlet for a tour. Hope we can do some work for the Coast Guard in the future but in any event we made some new friends to share a story and a glass of wine in Victoria this winter. Up next it is the Ministry of Forests for a week of work in Baker Inlet.