Welcome Back Danny and Koleton

Returning for their third trip aboard the Thunder 1 the July long weekend has always been a coveted spot aboard the Thunder and we were happy to have the group back again. On their first trip I commented that it was a bit of a Circus but the gang improved with each fish. Now the rust falls off pretty fast and the guys were in good form right from the get go. The first fish in the boat was a 30 lb ling cod caught on the troll by Koleton and from that point on we enjoyed a fantastic trip. The Coho pounced on us with a vengeance and the Chinook salmon had to work hard just to find our bait. No complaints about that as the Coho reached 13 lbs and fought hard with some great aerial displays. Halibut again was solid with many fish caught and released in search of big one. Using circle hooks with no barbs it is easy to release the halibut with little or no damage to the fish and they will survive and grow to give our angles another chance some day down the road. Accompanied by Gary from Grand Prairie and friend Charlie (Cuck) from Los Angeles it was a memorable trip. Looking forward to seeing you next year on the July long weekend. Hope your harvest this fall is a bountiful one.KS9L1106KS9L1111KS9L1133KS9L1173