Welcome Back Norm and Arlene

The clear winner as a repeat customer for Thunder 1 is Norm. Not always accompanied by his lovely wife Arlene but often, Norm has fished the Thunder with us and the previous owner for over 20 years. After a nasty fall last year just days before their trip Arlene broke her ankle and they had to scrub the trip. As always we did our best and were able to accommodate them this year in almost the same time spot. Accompanied by their sons Brad and Stephan we headed out just one year late. The weather was not that memorable but the fishing certainly was. No strangers to the odd windy wet day our crew was undaunted and fought fish after fish until we couldn’t take another. With the wind limiting our halibut opportunities we still managed to pick off some nice ones in spots sheltered from the wind. A great trip and with Arlene back to her fighting strength we look forward to having our friends and guests back still one more time. Thanks.