Winter 2017-18 Wahl Boat Major Cabin Rebuild on the Thunder 1

Summer 2017 was a great year for Thunder 1 Adventures, great guests and a busy year found us headed south for Vancouver Island late September. Sunny weather greeted us on the south coast and we had a few weeks before slipping into the boat shed in Maple Bay at Cove yachts. It was time for a major overhaul on the cabin top of the Thunder 1 and it would prove to be a big project. Under the watchful eye and skill on our friend and shipwright Gord Nelson we dug into our project. Removing the old cabin top as well as the port cabin side was the first step. Once we had assessed the scope of the work we started the rebuild process. 4 months later the Thunder was back together, lots of new fiberglass, insulation, new wiring lights and a host of other upgrades involved in the rebuild. The final product was outstanding, many thanks to Gord and the skilled workers involved. The project secured the life of our vessel for many years to come. Time now to refocus on our upcoming season and more adventures on the north coast of British Columbia.