Winter Cruising

Under sunny skies we left Port Hardy accompanied by an unusual blast of arctic air that covered the whole coast. Temperatures as low as -8 at night and just hovering on the freezing mark during the day made for some icy decks and the need for some careful footing. Lines froze in the position you left them which made tying and untying the boat interesting to say the least. With our diesel stove and furnace we warm and cozy inside and reached Port Harvey that afternoon. While anchored that night we were awoken by horrible groaning and crackling. Jumping up to investigate under a bright full moon I could see nothing to explain the source of the noise. Settling back in we were awoken again by similar loud noises. Final conclusion was that ice was forming in the bay with the fresh water on the surface. This thin layer final disappeared with a light breeze\e and the tide but not before leaving us with a new experience reserved only for winter boaters.