Salmon Fishing Charters Canada


You have been searching long and hard for a fishing charter in Canada that catches primary salmon. Look no further and read on to learn more about our Salmon fishing charters that operate out of Prince Rupert British Columbia.

Salmon Fishing In Canada

You will only find Salmon in the Pacific Northwest of North America. The salmon can get pretty big in the area where our fishing charters run. We have seen some reach the size of 70 lbs. But that is not the average and merely as big as we have seen them in our 25 years experience of exploring the Pacific Ocean around Prince Rupert British Columbia. You can expect the catch many Tyee Salmon when on our vessel. The Tyee is a salmon over the weight of 30lbs and is the prize catch for any saltwater fishing angler.

Our Canadian Salmon Fishing Charters run out of Prince Rupert British Columbia.
Prince Rupert is a small port city which feeds cargo in between Alaska and the rest of the world. Through our years of experience cruising up and down this beautiful coastline of Canada, we have found the salmon fishing superb.

What To Expect

Our charter normally span three to four days with our guests living and fishing aboard the M.V. Thunder 1 a classic 52′ Wahl Trawler. Wahl boats were a mainstay of the BC West Coast fishing fleet for many years and the Thunder 1 is a fine example of a west coast heritage vessel. It’s a great way to experience the Canadian Salmon fishing. Accommodation is aboard Thunder 1 which is very unique. Instead of heading back into a lodge at days end, you can enjoy the peaceful waters at evening as we know the best places to set anchor. This allows you to have the rods in the water for the early morning bite.

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