Pacific Northwest Salmon Fishing Charters

The Pacific Northwest is in many ways the hole grail of Salmon fishing and charters. This could be why so many companies operate charters up and down the Pacific Northwest. So we know that you have many options when it comes to choosing a Pacific Northwest Salmon fishing charter. We’re going to make a case why ours are unique and differ from the others. Read on and learn why.

Salmon Fishing Charters

By now you have done your research and are aware that the Prince Rupert area enjoys some of the most prolific salmon and halibut fishing on the west coast. This is why you landed on this webpage searching for salmon fishing charters. The waters of Prince Rupert are home to 5 species of salmon, all on their way to the spawning grounds of the mighty Nass and Skeena rivers. We target the Chinook or Kings, Coho, or Silvers and halibut. Chinook can reach in excess of 50 lbs, Coho up to 20 lbs and halibut up to 200. Many of our guests limit out during their 4 day 3 night trips.

What To Expect

Our salmon fishing guests live and fish aboard the M.V. Thunder 1 which is a classic 52′ Wahl Trawler. Wahl boats were a mainstay of the Pacific Northwest fishing fleet for many years and the Thunder 1 is a fantastic way to experience true Pacific Northwest fishing. We anchor out each night in a quiet calm cove , close to the morning fishing grounds. Sit back relax and enjoy and exquisite seafood meal prepared by your hosts. This allows you to have the rods in the water for the early morning bite.

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