Whale Watching and Eco Tours

prince rupert whale watchingThe Prince Rupert area is home to some of the most spectacular whale watching in the world. Orcas (Killer whales), Minke whales and mighty Humpback whales frequent the protected waters of Chatham Sound literally on the doorstop of Prince Rupert Harbour, where our whale watching tours are based.

Whale watching takes place throughout the summer season with the best viewing in late August and September.

Humpback Whales

Humpback Whales feed in this area preparing for their migration to the warm waters off Hawaii where they will give birth to their calves. Their spectacular bubble net feeding is truly a wonder to behold and this behaviour is often observed from the decks of the Thunder 1 during our whale watching adventure tours. Humpback whales can reach 58 feet in length and up to 45 tons in weight. A full grown Humpback whale launching himself airborne in a breach is a breathtaking event.

Watch this amazing once in a life time encounter with a friendly Humpback whale and the Thunder 1.


Pods of Orcas (Killer Whales) also frequent the waters and both transient and resident pods have been observed. The northern resident Orcas number around 240 and their primary diet is fish. The transient Orcas appear in smaller numbers and are mammal eaters, capturing seals, dolphins and sea lions to sustain themselves. A whale watching encounter with a pod of Killer whales will provide an unforgettable experience.

prince rupert whale watching tour

Marine & Wildlife Viewing

Sharing the pacific waters with the whales are numerous water birds, magnificent bald eagles, sea lions, and seals. The rugged northern shore line is also home to black and grizzly bears as well as wolves.

prince rupert eco boat tours

Custom wildlife watching tours of more than two days duration can be arranged call us to help you plan your tour in the beautiful coastal wilderness of northern BC.


Tours offered from August 20 to Sept 15.
All departures from Prince Rupert BC.

Your trip includes:

  • All meals. Gourmet dining aboard, lunch and dinner day 1, breakfast and lunch day 2.
  • Accommodation aboard for one night in a sheltered anchorage close to the whales.
  • Rain gear provided
  • 8 am departure day one. Return 4 pm day two.
  • Small intimate groups.
  • Minimum of 4 persons required at time of booking, up to 6 spaces available per trip.

$1600 per person

Call us for availability and check out our vessel page for more information on your floating whale watching vessel and home.

Call 1-250-703-6904 or contact us to book.