Day 9, May 15th

Off from Bishop  Bay, refreshed by our hot tub soak we had short day ahead. The wind picked up as we entered Grenville Channel for the last straight run toward… Read more »

Day 08, May 14th

We slip out of Work Bay under another sunny sky, feeling a little guilty as no work was done in Work Bay, only a nice relaxing evening with my Aunts,… Read more »

Day 7, May 13th

06:30 as we watched Ocean falls recede off the stern. What does the future hold for this once busy port and town, only the future will tell. A beautiful day… Read more »

Day 06, May 12th

06:40 and the anchor was up and we were away for Shearwater and then on to Ocean Falls. Once again the sun shone and we crossed Hakai Pass and into… Read more »

Day 5 May 11

We awoke to a clear sky and a great forecast. Although the ship was tied down tight the crossing promised to be a smooth one. Seas of less than a… Read more »

Day 4, May 10th

Away from Sullivan Bay in the morning with sunny skies and our eye upon the weather as we moved up the coast to position for our Cape Caution Crossing. Entering Queen… Read more »

Day 03,May 9th

Another beautiful day and we left Lagoon Cove and headed into Knights Inlet and the calm waters of Tribune Channel. For the second time we were treated to an escort… Read more »

Day 02,May 8th

Away early to make the best of the tides we left Shoal Bay and headed for one of our favorite stops in Lagoon Cove. Sunny again as we pushed through… Read more »


2012 The winter of 2011 and 2012 was spent once more by the Thunder 1 in the beautiful Victoria Inner Harbour. It is hard to know where the time goes… Read more »

A week at the Dean River

Sept 20th.Awoke to sunshine and light winds. Left the Thunder on the hook in the Bay and stayed in Deb’s brothers cabin at the Dean. No roughing it here as… Read more »