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A fish for your Birthday

Once again demonstrating that age is only a number, and not one to get in the way of fishing my Uncle Gerry and Aunt Betty joined us with their daughter Tricia and husband Dirk to celebrate Tricias Birthday. Notice how I did not mention a number Trish. Pretty cool birthday present as we poked out of the fog and onto the fishing grounds. Photographers as well. we had some pretty impressive equipment aboard to capture the events and I can’t wait to get some back when they have had time to sift through them. Each morning brought some pretty thick fog but each day brought some petty awesome fishing and with the rods jumping no one noticed the fog. The sun battled through and each day gave way to smooth seas and nice sunsets. The eagles and whales all graced us with visits and provided some cool photo ops. Maybe the best show was the eagle who dived into the water and swam his big salmon to shore as it was too big to fly with. A rare event to witness in the wild. Nice to see family aboard and great to catch them some fish as well. Safe travels to all we will catch up in Victoria this fall.

Those gals can Fish!!!

Thanks to some pretty slick sales work by our daughter Kyla, we welcomed Julia her roommate at UVic, who convinced her dad, Doug, who convinced his sister Judy, who brought her husband Hewitt. Nice work Kyla. What a great group and what awesome fishing we had. Julia had never caught a fish, salmon or otherwise in her life, but we put a quick end to that. In fact by the end of the trip I’m not sure she could remember how many she caught. Much the same for all the group as the Prince Rupert fishing charter was electric and the halibut fishing was Chaos!! The outstanding weather continued in the Rupert area and while we did have some morning fog the afternoons always gave way to blue sky. Treated to one of the most awesome sunsets we have ever had we hope that they all enjoyed the trip as much as we did. And yes Doug, we will let Kyla come back on next years trip.


Holy Halibut Fishing!!

Joined once again by a group sponsored by Chris Page Associates we headed out still enjoying sunny weather and calm seas. Rob, Rick, Troy and Sean were eager to get the lines in the water and hook up some feisty north coast Coho. Didn’t take long once again as the Fish On! call rang out across the Thunders decks. Although some fog surrounded our mornings the sun would burn it’s way through later in the day. Perhaps the highlight of this trip was our halibut fishing. Sometimes a game of patience their was none required for this trip. No sooner did the lines hit the bottom that the tips started bending, double headers, triple headers, and yes at one point five at a time all taking line and bending rods. With only one fish per day their was a lot of selective angling going on and we released many fish to grow bigger for next year. Using circle hooks with their barbs crimped these fish are not harmed and easily released. Happy for just one session like this the next day proved to be the same and rods were jumping and singing at the halibut hole. No lunkers but nice solid fish had our anglers arms burning and a nice catch in the cooler. Thanks again Chris for sending these trips, I think that everyone enjoyed it

and look forward to having you and your Associates aboard next year.

The Browns are On

Welcome back Kerry Brown. Always bringing a new group to experience Thunder 1 Adventures we were boarded this year by his brother Daniel, from Texas, his Father Bill and their nephew David. With five days to work with we were more worried about how fast the fishing might be than where are they. As it turned out it was a fabulous trip. The rods were busy from the get go and the Coho were putting up some great fights. With the Spring salmon winding down their was no pause in the action as our group was treated to many double and even triple headers. Halibut fishing was also strong with the first session seeing all the rods bobbing and some nice fish brought aboard and many others released for the coming seasons. The highlight of the trip had to be the weather with sunny skies, calm winds and some awesome sunrise and sunset pictures. Always nice to see three generations aboard the Thunder fishing together, we hope that we can do it again in the near future. Keep your tips up and keep a firm grip on the gaff.


Ignatius Bokowski Inc.

We were joined by four members of Ignatius Bokowski Inc., Lower Amazon Dental &Veterinary School, c/o Pudwallop Brazil. No strangers to the West Coast these fellas have been fishing together for 30 years and  have tried every venue on the coast. We welcomed them aboard for some salmon fishing on the Thunder 1. We set off on smooth seas again to show them a fishing adventure aboard the Thunder 1. A great group with a great sense of humor the trip was full of laughs and fish. Outstanding Coho fishing again with a nice size Spring to round out the catch. The real highlight was the halibut fishing and day 2 saw us land a 68 lb beauty. Greg was smug in his hold on the big fish trophy but it was not to be. Kent hooked into a monster on day 3 and although bigger than we could keep it measured out at 64 inches, about 140 lbs. No beating that one! A good finish with some smaller halli’s and we sailed back with a full

load. Thanks for the hats guys, might be good on Halloween, and thanks for choosing us again in 2014 we look forward to the trip.

Cabo San Rupert

Known at times for it’s rain, this last trip looked more like Mexico than Prince Rupert. Joining us for there 8th year, Jeff, Pete, and friends Lorne and Barry slapped on the sun screen and headed out for some fishing action. Right from the start we knew this was going to be a busy trip. Coho madness had set in and the double and triple hits and fish on were non stop. With Rods crossing over and under, hooks and fish flying it was an entertaining trip to say the least. Pete hooked up a 20lb Ling Cod on the spinning rod during lunch and Lorne hooked a big red snapper to round out the catch.

Calm seas, some great Prince Rupert halibut fishing and smoking warm temperatures left our group looking tanned and relaxed. Hoping to see them for the 9th year in 2014.

There she Blows!

Our second trip compliments of Chris Page and Associates saw the return of Rob and Brett joined by their guests Eldon, Dave and Neil. A little rain did not deter our group and once again the first evening salmon fishing produced some great action. Coho seemed to be everywhere and while the rods were busy the humpback whales joined the party and fed beside us while we played our fish. New to this west coast fishing Neil, Dave and Elton got lots of practise with the west coast gear. Neil landed a nice Spring salmon on the last morning and Dave topped the board with the big halibut of the trip caught with minutes to go on the last day. The sun did shine on our return and I think we set the hook on the group for another trip down the road. Great fishing with you guys, have a good summer and we hoped you enjoyed your Prince Rupert fishing charter.


Chris Page and “Family”

Client, Friends, it all gets blurred sometimes but it was with great pleasure that we welcomed our friends and client Chris, his wife Shar, sons Ryan, Dave and daughters Elyse and Joanna. Truly a family affair as we left the Prince Rupert harbour under clear skies and smooth seas. No lack of enthusiasm in the Page boys as we set the lines for salmon fishing. That enthusiasm spread quickly to the whole family and soon rods were zinging and fish were jumping. It was a fabulous four days with an awesome family, only down side is the realisation how much we miss our own family during the busy charter season. Many laughs, many fish, a beauty Halibut double header by Dave and Ryan, some great teamwork by Elyse and Joanna and a time for Chris and Shar to just hang out with their kids, priceless! All too quick it was over, in our busy lives it is nice to get the opportunity to just slow down a bit and enjoy some fishing with the family, we enjoyed watching and sharing the Page family time. Safe travels, hope to see the whole family soon aboard the Thunder 1for some more awesome Prince Rupert Fishing Charter.

Happy Canada Day!!!!

On board to help us celebrate Canada’s 146th birthday were Koleton, Danny, Mike and Peter. A family affair with an age spread of over 50 years this group from the Fairview area of Alberta had never landed a halibut or salmon. Hopes were high that they would be able to cross that one off their list. With nice weather in the forecast we set the lines and watched for the first strike. Zing off went the line in the first ten minutes, with all new hands on deck we looked like a three ring circus but after a scrappy fight we put a beautiful 20 lb.

Chinook in the boat. Well the guys kept improving and the fish kept coming, lots of them. Big ones, small ones, scrappy ones, flat ones , spiney ones, the action on this Canada Day long weekend was some of the best we have seen. The time flew by and we finished the trip with a halibut session that had all four rods bobbing and bending. An excellent finish and a great group to spend the weekend with. We look forward to having them back next year as they want to continue their adventures on the Thunder 1. We hope the sun shines on your crops and your grain harvest is as good as your salmon fishing.

Happy Birth Day to You!!

What better birthday present can you have than a fishing trip aboard the Thunder 1. Well in my opinion anyways. Welcome aboard Sharon, her husband Dale, and Sharon’s sister Jocyline and her husband Brad. A return trip for Dale and Sharon it was a birthday present for Sharon, and we won’t say which one but she was very happy with her present. Sunny skies, empty anchorages and light winds greeted our guests as we headed out in search of a birthday fish. A little halibut fishing to get the arms warmed up and then out with the prawn traps and a feast of crab for dinner. The action started quickly the next day and did not let up until the trip was over. A great mix of hard fighting Chinook, some shiny Coho up to 10 lbs and some awesome halibut fishing. Only fitting that Sharon landed the biggest Spring salmon, tipping the scale just under the Tyee mark it was a beautiful 27 lb fish who put up a great fight. Way to go Sharon. I failed to mention Brad was also using the trip to celebrate a birthday and put some nice birthday fish in the bin for himself. A great trip, and our wishes for a safe drive home, no hitting a moose as Dale and Sharon did the last trip home.

No Floods in Prince Rupert

Joined by two couples from Alberta, Don and Anita, James and Maryanne, we were surrounded by water, but none of it in our basements. Somewhat ironic that Prince Rupert with it’s rainy reputation has had such an awesome June while Alberta has been ravaged by heavy rains and flooding. There are some disadvantages to boat living but high water is not one of them. Our guests had family affected but fortunately none were hurt(Don’s Dad did break a thumb in the helicopter evacuation) but they did suffer flooded homes. Although distracting it did not deter us from enjoying a great trip. Coho, Springs, Whales, Dolphins, Sea Lions and of course some awesome eagle shows at night. It was a great trip and we enjoyed the company and the fishing with our new guests. We are looking forward to seeing them next year in July. To all our other guests in Alberta, past and present we hope that they were not affected by the flooding and that they and there family’s are all safe and sound. With sunny skies in the forecast we are looking forward to getting back on the water for some more awesome Prince Rupert fishing charter.

Now that’s a Red Snapper

Joined by new guests from our Edmonton show once again, Rod, his Dad Cliff and their friend Bill we set out under sunny skies for what we knew would be a great Prince Rupert fishing charter. Some confusion about where we were was the result of weather more like Mexico than Rupert but hey maybe it’s global warming. Sure didn’t hurt the fishing. Day one saw some awesome spring salmon fishing with all the group playing and landing some nice fish. Halibut fishing was no less exciting and at times there were three fish on. Day two brought the big salmon of the trip as Rod fought a ripper and finally put a 26lb beauty in the box. Rod’s Dad Cliff, at 84 may have been the oldest angler we have had aboard but that didn’t stop him from hooking up a huge red snapper and with some help from his son put the big red cod in the boat. Heading in with a lot of tanned anglers they may have a hard time convincing their wives that they got that sun in Prince Rupert however the cooler full of salmon, cod and halibut should do the trick. Thanks fellas, save drive home and enjoy the rest of the summer!!

The Elton, Dennis and Dave Trio

June 7 and away we go with our first excited crew aboard. New from our awesome response at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsman Show we looked forward to showing the fellas what Northern BC had to offer. Unlike many parts of the coast Rupert is blessed with a fishing season that spans 4 months. Chinook, Coho, Pinks and Chums, Halibut and Ground fish all starting late May and continuing on into late September and this season looks to be a great one. Day one started with some rain and a bit of wind however nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of our guests. With an improving forecast throughout the trip we knew we would end on a high note. It was a trip to remember. The sun came out the fish were biting and seas were calm, hard to beat. Each of our guests hooked and landed some nice Chinook, all around 20lbs and excellent fighters. Dave topped the board with a 23 lb spring on the last morning. Halibut fishing was great and Dennis led the gang with the most to the boat however it was Elton who hooked up the winner with minutes remaining on the last Day. A nice 30 lber while the Humback whales danced in the background, great work Elton. A pleasure to have aboard we look forward to seeing this group again and hopefully next season as Elton was already planning his next visit. Have a great summer guys and thanks for choosing Thunder 1 Adventures.

Last chance for a little Crew Fishing

With our first fishing crew due in three days Deb and I decided to do a little scouting before our season began in earnest. We headed out under calm seas to find where those Chinook were hiding. First stop a little hali fishing. No surprise here as the Queen of halibut jigging hooked up a scrappy 40 lber while the Captain had to settle for a 20. Not too shabby for our first stop. After a quiet night on the hook we set the lines the next morning to see if we could find some Chinook. 10 minutes on the tack and Fish ON! cried Deb. I cleared the gear while Deb played a nice fish.  21 lbs, nicely done Deb! Back in the water and 10 minutes later it was the Captains turn. Feeling a little pressure after watching Deb expertly play her fish I was rewarded with a nice shiny 20lb spring. Looks like the fish are here and after losing a nice one at the boat we cruised back to Rupert, excited about hooking our guests into some beauties like these.

Fish On!

After settling in at the Yacht Club Deb and I flew to Vancouver to pick up our vehicle and drive to Rupert. Stopping in Quesnel we had a great visit with Family and arrived back to the Thunder on May 28th. Time to get serious about a little fishing. I’m not sure why after all the fish that have been hooked aboard the Thunder but there is always that uncertainty as to when you will get your first strike each year. Leaving port on the 29th we were joined by my Brother Brian and his gal Bonnie. No pressure right, not!!! On smooth waters we decided to give halibut fishing a try first. With the gear all set to go we dropped the hook on one of our favorite spots and before my brother could get his rod out of the holder I was on my way to the bottom. One bounce, Fish On! A scrappy 25 lb hali and we were only 10 seconds into it. Right On!. Brian hooked up right away and by the time  Deb and Bonnie hit the deck we had two at the boat. Action was furious after that and the girls made up for their late arrival by hooking up more than their share. Great fun and we kept some nice ones and released the rest to gain a little weight for next time. Off to anchor for the night we dropped the prawn traps and relaxed on the hook for a nice evening. Next morning with not too early a start we decided to give the salmon rods a work out. Once again just after the gear was set, Fish ON! Deb was into a nice spring salmon. Great to get the skunk off the boat early. We finished up with a nice ling and another halibut session and returned to port. Great company, great start to the Prince Rupert fishing charters season.

Smooth sailing to Prince Rupert

The last two days of our voyage were again smooth with a mix of sun and cloud. Our last night on the hook saw us in Baker inlet, once again alone in the wilderness surrounded by snow covered peaks and mirror like waters. No bears on the beach but the vistas made up for any lack of wildlife. A short cruise


on day 10 but as we cruised by the mouth of the mighty Skeena and entered the busy port of Prince Rupert we reflected on what an awesome trip we had. Each year the coast reveals new things to us and we truly believe we could not scratch it in one lifetime. Thanks again to Brenda and Gerald for joining us we hope their retirement is full of adventure


s for many years to come.